Sunday, 1 April 2012

Retrieve History of All Web Browsers in One Place

                 We might be using multiple web browsers on Windows and all the browsers have the browsing history unless you are using private mode. Each browser has its own way to fetch the browsing history and it can be tedious to search or export them.

BrowserHistorySpy is a portable freeware app which can retrieve the browsing history in one place. It automatically detects the right history database file based on the browser and current user configuration. You can also manually specify the different history file for Firefox and Chrome browsers. This is useful when you have to recover the history from another system.

The app supports Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. BrowserHistorySpy is the clean and simple tool to help you recover and view web browsing history from your local browsers.

You can export the recovered history list to HTML or XML file for future use.
It works on most of the Windows platforms starting from Windows XP to Windows 7.

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