Saturday, 25 February 2012

Inbox2- Email and Social Networking Combined

           We use multiple social networks and have multiple apps installed to check these networks along with our email client. But what Inbox2 tries to aim is to bring these two sections together into one app which means you can connect to your social networks and check the real time updates as well as check the emails, all from an useful app. What more? You can connect to multiple email accounts in different services and aggregate all your emails at one place.

The service supports Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Exchange, Facebook, Hyves, Hotmail, Twitter, Yammer, LinkedIn and other accounts can be configured manually. The interface is pretty slice and easy to use as well. There is also an unified contacts list from all these accounts which helps you to manage them at ease.

The real time stream provides you with updates from social networks which you have connected to. The service also has an iPad app called FileBoard, which is free of cost.

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