Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Track and Recover Lost or Stolen iPhone with " Prey "

           Prey is one of the popular app to track and recover lost or stolen laptops and phones. The service was available only for Android phones, but now they have released an app for iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod.

If you’ve lost your iPhone or somebody has stolen it, Prey will find your phone, you can set off an alarm or even take a picture of the thief. The app is free of cost and the free service can be used to track of maximum of three devices at a time.


The app can set off an alarm or take a capture using the front camera when you set it as stolen. It can even track the exact location of the device using the GPS and Wi-Fi. Since the front camera cannot be activated directly the app informs the stolen user that the PIN needs to be changed and offer a slide to view button. As soon as the user slides it, a image capture is taken.

Prey settings
Features of the app;

GPS + Network-based geo-location (GSM+Wifi).
Delayed or On Demand activation (via push messaging).
Alert messages to user.
Front facing camera pictures support.
Loud alarm sound.

The free account can collect reports from your device in as low as 10 minutes. You can check the web dashboard and monitor the location and other details of the device lost. You need to first mark the device as lost in the web interface.
The app also features a camouflage mode in which the app disguises as a game.

You can download the app from App store.

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