Monday, 21 November 2011

iPhone 4S Price in India

     iPhone 4S coming is to India, which is really a great news for all fans waiting for this device. Airtel and Aircel is planning to bring the device to India and launch it on 25th November. But there was uncertainity about the pricing of it. There were rumors that the higher end model price could touch almost 50K INR which is on a higher side. But now even before the release, Airtel has confirmed the prices of iPhone 4S in India.

iPhone 4s price in India

The iPhone 4S is available in both white and black and the prices are as follows;
  • iPhone 4S 16GB version- 44500 INR
  • iPhone 4S 32GB version- 50900 INR
At this price, the phone not affordable for many and seriously disappointing for all iPhone Fans in India. We too think the prices are too high and not worth the investment. There are also reports that the iPhone 4 refurbished version would be released in India for 22000 (approx). So are you getting the iPhone 4S ?

You can pre-order the iPhone 4S from Airtel.

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  1. Ravindran says:

    ஏர்செல் மூலமாக எங்க நிறுவனம் தான் ( விக்குது. 10 பர்செண்ட் டிஸ்கவுண்ட் கொடுத்திருப்பேனே ?

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