Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Get the Google Apps browser on your iDevices!

       This is the fastest way to use all your favorite Google apps on your iDevices, including Gmail, Google Talk, Voice and Reader, as well as, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+!


✔ Connect with friends on Google+
✔ Get fast access to all your favorite apps
✔ Find new apps fast using Apps search
✔ Use with any Gmail or Google Apps account
✔ View badges for Gmail, Reader, and Voice
✔ Receive chat alerts for Google Talk
✔ Get push notifications via Prowl
✔ Send free text messages
✔ Chat with your friends
✔ Check your Gmail
✔ Watch YouTube videos
✔ Find cool pics with Image search
✔ View your favorite photos in Picasa
✔ Follow your favorite sites with Reader
✔ Open links in our quick view browser
✔ Post to Instapaper, Read It Later or Twitter
✔ Access your Google docs anywhere, anytime
✔ Discover the perfect restaurant with Places
✔ Track your schedule with Google Calendar
✔ Share interesting stuff with Google Buzz
✔ Stay up to date with Google News
✔ Keep in touch using Facebook
✔ Follow your friends on Twitter
✔ See search results as you type
✔ Get things done with Tasks
✔ Translate text instantly
✔ Get driving directions
✔ Find great deals with Product search
✔ Read books for free with Google Books

★ Gmail ★ Talk ★ Reader ★ Voice
★ Facebook ★ Twitter ★ Buzz ★ Google+
★ News ★ Calendar ★ Docs ★ Apps
★ YouTube ★ Picasa ★ Images ★ Myspace
★ Search ★ Tasks ★ Books ★ Finance
★ Maps ★ Translate ★ Places ★ Shopping

★ NOTE: Google Voice works best on iPhone devices - it's not optimized for iPod or iPad.

Get the Google App Browser from here! [iTunes Link]

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