Monday, 17 October 2011

How to Remove Inactive Friends from Google+ Circle

               Google+, the social networking service was well received by the audience, but it seems like there has been in a drop in the usage of Google+ in the past few days. When you created your account, you might have added lot of your friends to circles, but many of these friends might be inactive or signed up just for exploring Google+. If you have added large number of people to Google+. then it is difficult to spot who all are inactive (which means with very low posting or no posting). UnCircle+ is a nice extension for Google Chrome which allows you to easily search and remove inactive friends from your circle.

Once the extension is installed, it fetches the complete list of your friends whom you have added to your circles. You can also search for friends in any particular circle as well. In the next step the extension, you can select inactive friends, either based on no posts (default) or you can select posting since a date (date can be selected using the calendar).

Once the extension lists all your friends, you can select the ones which you want to remove and hit the Remove selected button.

This is useful for people who have reached their limit of maximum of 5000 people to circles. Nevertheless, not all of the people in your circles are active. Therefore, you end up having lots of inactive people in your circles which only count towards your quota. This extension is a perfect solution for this problem.

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