Thursday, 22 September 2011

Transfer all Installed Programs from one Windows PC to Another- PickMeApp

                 You might have installed lots of programs on your Windows PC, but what happens when you buy a new laptop or desktop. The most common way is to install all the program once again, but with PickMeApp, you can easily transfer all your installed programs from one PC to another.

PickMeApp is a portable freeware tool whose ‘Add and Remove Programs’ like interface guides you through the transfer of selected programs without the need to locate CDs or repeat any lengthy installations.

Once installed, it populates all the installed programs on your PC in the left panel. You can select any program and then click on the capture button. This will add the program into the capture list. It might take some time to capture the program depending on the program file size.

Once the capture of all the required programs is complete, open PickMeApp on the PC where you want to migrate it and then click on the install button in the captured list. PickMeApp is a very useful tool for end-user self-directed troubleshooting, product refurbishment, diagnose and programs repair of Windows PC.

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