Tuesday, 6 September 2011

SPB Shell 3D released for Nokia - Symbian ^3 and Anna phones

The popular mobile software developers from SPB Software have released a Symbian^3 compatible-version of their SPB Shell 3D user interface. The customization package is available immediately through the company website, so everyone with a Symbian^3 device and $15 to spare can get a taste of it.

gsmarena 001 SPB Shell 3D released for Symbian ^3 and Anna phones|

The SPB Shell 3D UI brings a complete overhaul of the user interface of the smartphone that solves most of the usability issues (illogical menu navigation, one click-two click inconsistency etc.) and adds some welcome eye-candy to the mix. And while the pricing might seem a bit steep at first, it’s probably worth it as it comes as a novel facelift to the widely criticized for their usability Symbian smartphones.

The Shell 3D UI is compatible with all Symbian^3 and Symbian Anna-running smartphones of nHD resolutions (Nokia E6 owners need not apply). You can check it out in action in the video below.

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