Sunday, 4 September 2011

AVG Anti Virus 2012 - Free Download

AVG has released the latest version of its Anti Virus, AVG 2012. The new version comes with lots of improvements, features and other changes. You can download the free version now.

One of the major changes as the company claims is that it has reduced by 40 percent the size on your hard drive of the virus signature database. AVG also stated that the number of running processes that run suite has been reduced from 16 to 11, that it uses 20 percent less memory overall than previous versions.

AVG 2012

The tools included in AVG 2012 are anti virus, link scanner, email protection, anti rootkit, PC analyzer, identity protection and family safety. It also includes technique for identifying one of the most obnoxious threats to ever reach your computer: the fack antivirus.

Overall AVG 2012 has lots of improvements for a free Anti virus. If you are looking for a free AV tool, you can try out AVG 2012.

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