Monday, 29 August 2011


Google+ is a new social network Launched by Google.But it is still in field trail mode,that is limited for only who has invitation they can join the network.Google+ has gained much support after launching last month, already 20 million users. You may have heard of Google's Data Liberation Front. The first product from this special ops unit is called Google Takeout and it's surprisingly effortless.
Here are the steps for liberating your data; also useful for backing up contacts and links you may have shared on the network.

1. Visit
2. Click "Create Archive"
3. Download your files

The Google archive contains options for saving your Google Profile, Stream, Contacts and Circles, Picasa Albums, as well content from Buzz and +1 if you have these enabled.

In Takeout there is also another option to the users to download their data. You can also download the specific service like Picasa or Google plus data.


To download the specific service,you need to select the service and then you need to click the Create Archive button.Then Wait for seconds, Google will create your Archive file.Then you need to click the download button.After Clicking the download button,you need to enter your sign-in password for security concerns.Then Again you need to click the download button,your data safely will be downloaded to your hard drive.

Contacts are organized by the names you have given to your Circles and stored as .vcf cards. Picasa Web Albums are organized by Album Name or post date.
Whatever you have published to your Stream is archived as .HTML pages complete with images and comments. If you have reshared items, these pages are also part of the archive.

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